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remote car starter

Remote Car Starter

Getting into a freezing cold car during the winter is something no one looks forward to. This winter, it's time for you to experience the comfort you deserve. Boss Audio's dedicated team is here to help you fight frigid weather.


Call or visit our showroom today to get a remote car starter!

Why Get A Remote Starter?

Remote car starters let you turn on your car or truck from the  comfort of your home; that way you can run the AC in the summer or the heat in the winter before getting in. You can turn your car on, get ready to start your day, and then  jump into a car already heated or cooled to your ideal temperature.  

With Boss Audio's remote car starters, your engine will be ready to go as soon as you hop in! Give us a call to get your remote car starter today! 

Knowledgeable Sales and Installation

Boss Audio's dedicated and knowledgeable team carries a wide variety of remote car starter options with different activation ranges and deluxe features like keyless entry and integrated car alarms. Our team is here to help you find the best solution for your lifestyle.  Call now to get your remote car starter today!

All New Customers Get $10 Off!

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