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car alarm

Car Alarms

Over 750,000 cars are stolen every year. Don't let yours be one of them.

Boss Audio's knowledgeable and experienced team of experts have been providing car security solutions for over 20 years. Boss Audio provides many different car security solutions for anyone's budget; that means we have you covered if you're looking for a regular car alarm or an advanced vehicle security system.

Boss Audio's car security features can include:

Keyless Entry    Two-Way Remotes    Ignition Interruption    Remote Starters    Dual Shock Sensors    Glass Sensors

Call today to get the best car security solution that works for you!

Effective Car Alarm Installation

When you're shopping for car security you want to make sure you get the right team. Equipment differs depending on the shop you choose and overall car alarm functionality may suffer. With over 20 years experience installing car security functions, Boss Audio provides a team of experts you can count on for reliable and safe installation of your car security system. 

All New Customers Get $10 Off!

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