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smartphone integration

Device Integration

We all know dealing with a nest of jumbled wires in our car is annoying. That's why Boss Audio is here to help you find a solution for that mess of wire attached to all of the devices that help make your drive amazing. We have over 20 years experience integrating devices like your smartphone, satellite radio, and bluetooth units into your car.  


Call us to schedule your Bluetooth integration or iPod installation today!

Smartphone Integration

Integrating your smartphone with your car systems allows you to take your smartphone on the road with no hassle and direct smartphone connections boost the quality of your sound and get rid of the crude static sound from using fm transmitters. 

Bluetooth Integration

New Jersey is cracking down on people driving using a cellphone. You don't want to be caught talking on the phone and driving at the same time; plus it's dangerous. Boss Audio's team of experts are here for the solution; contact us today so we can install a convenient hands free bluetooth integrated car system.  We offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from add on or completely integrated Bluetooth systems. 

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